The OVO brand palette

Our colour palette signals OVO across the experience. Born from nature and inspired by tech, it reflects our big ambitions for people and planet.

Brand palette illustration

Extended palette

We use an extended palette of product specific colours in our digital experiences. They're for specific purposes like using red to warn our customers when something has gone wrong or using yellow to represent their electricity usage. We don't use these colours for decoration. They always serve a purpose. View semantic colours for more detail.

Extended palette

Colour usage

Across our digital products, we use OVO green to create brand recognition and impact. Offwhite forms the background colour of our experience. We use white and our green palette for text and ornament. Across our digital experience as a whole, we use colour in roughly these proportions.

Colour proportionality ilustration

Colour accessibility

We stick to these colour combinations when displaying text in OVO brand colours. Use semantic message colour tokens to achieve these colour combinations.

Colour Accessibility illustration