The OVO logo

The OVO logo is the basis of our visual identity. We use it everywhere across the experience.

Logo intro

Primary logo colour usage

We display our logo in our most iconic combination, OVO green and white, where possible. This helps everyone to recognise the OVO brand quickly.

Logo on a light surface
Logo on a dark surface

We can also use the green logo on offwhite or the white logo on a green or dark background for increased accessibility of to make the most of our OVO green.

Special case logo usage

Logo on imagery

In general, we avoid placing our logo on imagery. When we absolutely must (like in the end frame of a video), we always use it in White for legibility.


Black and white logo variations

In special cases where colour isn’t available, we turn to our White logo on a Black background or our Black logo on a White background.

Logo size and clear space

Avatar logos

Avatar logos

One logo size for all containing shapes

Create a border the width of a single ‘O’ counter in the avatar’s containing shape. This defines the size of our logo and makes sure it’s displayed clearly.

App icons

App icons



Allowing for clear space

Favicons should use our logo sized to 14x14px, allowing 2px of clear space.

Light and dark modes

Light and dark modes

We have two versions of the favicon for legibility on light and dark browser backgrounds.