It's important to use the Element version that applies to the product you're working on. If in doubt, check with your product and engineering teams.

While it would be great to have everything on the latest version all the time, we understand this isn't always possible.

The latest stable version of the Element library is available by default in all Figma files created in the OVO account. You can use it from the assets tab.

Older versions

If you're working in an older file, it might have an older version of Element. Agree with your product and engineering teams when to update your version. Going between versions can be time-consuming - breaking changes and rebuilding your Figma file.

If you're making a new file for an older product using an old version of Element, you can find it in the libraries dialogue box.

Beta versions

New versions of Element are published in Figma for beta testing before the code libraries are available.

Beta versions are not turned on by default in new files, but are available in the standard libraries dialogue box. Before using a beta version, consider the effects on product and engineering.