The Slack channel #brand-design-system-review is dedicated to reviewing product design from a brand and design system perspective.

The brand and design system teams check:

  • design and copy for brand consistency
  • design system alignment
  • accessibility best practices

To get work reviewed

To submit work for review in #brand-design-system-review, post:

  • a link to the work
  • a brief outline of the project - remember it's likely the first time some of the reviewers are seeing the work, so give some context

It can help if you use the following framing structure. It can help the teams understand the work and give the most effective feedback, especially when it's a large piece of work.


🚩 Problem
A brief description of the problem you’re trying to solve and why.

🧏 Audience
A summary of who you’re targeting. Is there a particular customer profile or scenario?

📏 Success criteria
Details of how you'll measure success. For example, what metrics or behaviours are you looking to affect? How will you know you’ve been successful?

📅 Stage
What stage is this piece in the process? For example, early stage discovery, wireframe.

✍️ Looking for
What type of feedback are you looking for? For example, UX writing for CTAs.

What brand and design check for

Both the brand and the design system teams will check the work against specific criteria and feedback in the channel.

The brand team will check for brand consistency and tone of voice. The design system team will check for design system alignment and best practices.

Brand checks

  • If there's any new illustration or iconography, is it on brand? Is it doubling up on existing illustration?
  • Is the messaging on brand? Is it in the right tone for the context?
  • Is the photography being used appropriately? Is it already reserved for another business area?

Design checks

  • Are we using Element components and tokens the way they're intended?
  • Are we contradicting any of our best practice and accessibility guidance?
  • Are any other teams using a similar pattern you can reuse for efficiency?