Landing pages

What are they?

Landing pages are where a user ‘lands’ after being directed from another page/email/push notification.

Landing pages are a chance to market content in an engaging, optimistic way with lots of room for personality.

How to write it

Use this outline as a simple starting point:

  • Top third: The most important message and the primary action the user should take
  • Middle third: Support your primary message with content that answers why the user should take your primary action
  • Bottom third: End with proof points, like Q&A, reviews, or stats to convince curious readers



Dos & Dont's

  • Include a standout hero headline that captures the context of the page.
  • Choose one primary CTA, and set it above the fold
  • Focus on a single goal
  • Remember the purpose of the page and what the user expects from clicking through to it
  • Refer to our style guidelines to create brand-consistent long-form content
  • Remember that less is more
  • Incorporate SEO best practices and keywords that drive your goals
  • Don’t overload the page with too many CTAs. This will distract attention and may cause the user to click off the page prematurely and miss info.
  • Don’t include large paragraphs of text
  • Don’t go off-topic. Stick to the core purpose of the page
  • Don’t use too many components. Simple pages help the customer focus on the action you want them to take.


Tone of voice

Landing pages often offer opportunities to dial up our optimistic and gutsy traits.

Read our tone of voice guidelines for details.




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