Notification permissions

How to write it

  1. Headings: [1-3 words that name the notification]
  2. Explainer text: Finish the sentence “These notifications will help you to …”


Dos & Don'ts

  • Keep headlines short – context should be able to be conveyed in as fewer words as possible
  • Start explainer text with a verb to denote action
  • Use simple phrases “Allow all notifications” “Meter readings reminder”
  • Be specific. Help customers understand exactly what they’re getting
  • Use explainer text to show why these messages are valuable to the customer
  • Don’t oversell what the notifications are
  • Don’t use “notifications” in the notification names
  • Avoid pronouns like “your” or “my”


Tone of voice

Dial up our straight talking and inclusive traits with a bit of optimism. Read our tone of voice guidelines for details.



Billing reminders

Stay on top of payments


Usage updates

Track important changes


Meter readings check-in

Get monthly reminders

Reminders about your bill

Let me know when my monthly bill is ready



Tell me about my energy use


Remind me about my monthly meter readings

Be notified when it’s time to input those numbers

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